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over 5 years ago

1 Week Remaining!

Hello DevPost Participants,

Just one week remaining in our DevPost Challenge! A couple reminders as we are approaching the finish line:

  • Be sure to test the functionality of your app prior to submission to assure everything in your app is working properly. 
  • If you are using the trnql Smart People feature in your app, for testing purposes, do not set the radius lower than 1500 meters (1 mile) so we can test the "who's nearby" feature properly during the judging period.
  • Please specify in your write-up for your app what additional learning is happening over the course of time and how it's being derived (if needed). Otherwise, we assume that most or all of your UI changes are responding to real-time sensor data being generated from the application itself. You may also take screenshots of the types of ads that will pop up in your app as well. 

And lastly, if you have any questions regarding the SDK or just need help finishing off your app, be sure to email

Best of luck everyone!

trnql team