trnql is a platform for Developers featuring a suite of SDKs for iOS & Android designed to easily integrate “contextual awareness" derived from sensors, local data on the phone, and cloud services, into smarter & more engaging applications.

With the trnql SDK, what used to take Developers weeks or months to do, can now be done in minutes or hours. The trnql SDK replaces 30+ APIs and 100’s of classes and methods and reduces your Android & iOS Development time 50%+. 

We all know that it's difficult to build an app that makes any money. The few apps that do make money either charge for the download, leverage in-app purchases, or display ads inside the app.

In this challenge, we are going to focus on the "advertising model" and show you how easy it can be to integrate targeted marketing messages into your apps.

Marketing always had somewhat of a negative connotation because it is usually presumptive and often irrelevant and disruptive to it's audience. BUT, trnql now gives you the power to change that. When you understand the true "situational awareness" of a user, you can provide the right message/offer to the right person and at the right time! And when done correctly, this is actually appreciated by the user. We call this “smart engagement”!

Here's how:

For this challenge, you will take trnql’s Android or iOS SDK to integrate the signals and corresponding triggers into your app needed to create "right time offers" that surprise and delight your users.

Combine trnql’s diverse offering of contextual signals to create in-app triggers for messages tailored to that user’s unique environment. Triggers are defined as a set of conditions relating to the context of the user. For example, you can define a trigger like the following:

The user is currently at a location and the following conditions are true

    • Temperature > 90F
    • humidity > 70%
    • User is < 500m from an Ice Cream Shop
    • > 2 friends nearby who are running
    • (optional) - user has UV sensitivity
    • (optional) - user might go on a run in 30 mins

When this set of conditions is met, a running app could advise to wait until this evening to go for a run, when the weather might be a bit more conducive to exercise. If they are near an ice cream shop, you might suggest they cool off and treat themselves.

Above are just a couple of scenarios. You can imagine having many diverse scenarios for dating apps, social apps, hyper-local apps, messaging apps, and even gaming. With five different signals to choose from, the possibilities are endless: 

  • User Location - Include some or all of the following in your app:  address, zip code, county, latitude, longitude, altitude, bearing, speed, time, country and country code.
  • Weather Conditions - Choose from any or all of the available environmental conditions i.e. current condition, high/low, feels like, 10 day forecast, UV index, humidity levels, sunrise and sunset.
  • User Activity - Make your applications aware and respond to any or all of the following user-context : in vehicle, on bicycle, walking, running, on foot or still.
  • Other Nearby Users - This feature enables apps to integrate who’s nearby? who’s doing what nearby? & who is doing “_____” nearby? “_____” means users can be alerted to a specific “state” of other user(s) nearby.
  • Nearby Places - Also known as “what’s nearby” or points of interest (POI) near the user.

*Your app must use at least two of the context signals above (more is better). These can be added to an existing app or incorporated into a new app

We recommend that you use standard image sizing for both text or image ads:

  • Mobile leaderboard (320x50)
  • Large mobile banner (320x100)

By increasing a message’s relevance to your user, the user is more likely to appreciate and less likely to be annoyed by its contents. By being able to provide marketers the ability to target only those who are most likely to act on any given message, you make that message more valuable to them (and more profitable for you!). It’s a classic Win-Win scenario!

Ready to start?

All necessary resources, documentation, and tutorials, including sample apps are available to you at Getting started with Android SDK. The iOS SDK is available at - Getting started w/ iOS SDK. We provide source code to get you started on iOS & Android:

  1. trnql interplay for iOS - SOURCEDOWNLOAD
  2. trnql interplay for Android - SOURCEDOWNLOAD


This challenge is open to:

  • Individuals who are 18+ years old or the age majority where they reside.
  • A team can have between 1 and 5 members.
  • Teams can participate independently or on behalf of organizations or companies.
  • Anyone involved in running this contest is not eligible. This includes employees of trnql, DevPost, affiliates or immediate family of those employees.


  • Your app needs to have basic functionality. Your app(s) must be published in the Google Play Store in order to be eligible for submission to this challenge. For iOS apps (and considering that Apple has a longer approval process) you must verify that you have submitted your app to the Apple Itunes App Store for approval.
  • Your app can be an Android mobile app, iOS mobile app, Android wearable app, iOS wearable app, or anything as long as it uses the trnql SDK
    • If you are submitting an Android application, please submit the APK file.
    • If you are submitting an iOS application, please submit the .IPA file. Also, please email us at so that we can provide you with our UDIDs for our iOS devices. This will enable you to create a provisional profile for our device, allowing us to run and review the app.
    • Include your name and your app’s Bundle ID so we can identify whose app is whose.
  • If you want to help judges understand your idea, you can support your submission with a 5 slide deck, or 2 mins video. The decks and the videos are all optional and may not affect your score.
  • *Note - If you use the Smart People feature in your app, for testing purposes, do not set the radius lower than 1500 meters (1 mile) so we can test the "who is nearby" functionality. 

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$5,000 in prizes

Grand Prize

The winning app gets the following:
- $3,000 cash
- Featured in the G+ UX Design for Developers Community (7,000+ members)
- Honorable mention in trnql blog

2nd Prize

The 2nd place app gets the following:
- $1,500 cash
- Featured in the G+ UX Design for Developers Community (7,000+ members)
- Honorable mention in trnql blog

3rd Prize

The 3rd place apps get the following:
- $500 cash
- Featured in the G+ UX Design for Developers Community (7,000+ members)
- Honorable mention in trnql blog

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  • Download the trnql SDK here for iOS and/or Android.
  • Follow the Getting Started Sections for iOS and/or Android.
  • Build something truly amazing! If you have questions or problems using the SDK, let us know and we will be happy to help you! You can reach out to us at
  • Submit your app by March 25, 2016 at 11:45 PM PST. The Submission Guidelines below will explain how to submit your Android or iOS app.

You can build an app for iOS or Android or both. Remember, you can use the trnql SDK to augment an existing app, or create a new one from scratch. You can submit more than one app and each app counts as its own submission.


Naz Idris

Naz Idris
trnql CEO

Jonathan Sahoo

Jonathan Sahoo
iOS Judge

Dustin Howell

Dustin Howell
Android Judge

Judging Criteria

  • Originality (10 pts)
    We are really excited to see what you will build with trnql. As usually, we are anticipating really awesome ideas. Therefore, our judges will be carefully looking at the originality of your idea.
  • Problem (10 pts)
    We believe the trnql SDK will inspire you to solve some real problems, fix things and make the world better. Therefore, our judges will be scoring your app based on the scale of the problem that you are solving.
  • Implementation (10 pts)
    The reason we built trnql is to help you implement complex apps in literally minutes. So our judges will be paying attention to implementation. Best implementation of the trnql SDK will receive 10 pts.
  • Voting (10 pts)
    We will have the trnql developer community look at your awesome ideas too and vote. The 3 most voted submissions will earn 10 points each.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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